The Language of Flowers

During the Victorian Era, when proper etiquette was demanded, flowers and plants quickly increased in popularity as a way to send secret messages. While the Language of Flowers involved more than just the simple meaning given, they also referred to the combining, presentation and receiving. Lily of the Valley was a popular plant to grow indoors. People not deriving from the Upper Class harvested it in Spring when it grew lush in carpets along woodland floors. Typically, this plant would bloom around Christmas time and New Year to bring light into the darkest times and as a reminder that joy, warmth and light always returns.

The Victorian Era and its long history associated with Flower Symbolism had a huge impact on how I elaborate my personal works and view of Botanical Studies.

My annual releases will include a limited amount of bookmarks, framed pressed flowers and handpainted real leaves in honor of Midsummer; the longest day of the Year which also marks the descent into darker days.

I either use Gouache or Acrylics together with a pristine Coliro Gold color to hand-paint everything. I handcut each and every piece twice and laminate it myself. All of my flowers are pressed by myself and most of them grown and harvested at my home. Please note that all frames are vintage, as is the fabric used for framing. Whenever I can, I try to work sustainably. Due to the nature of each plant, every piece created is unique and slight fading over time part of its nature.