Hoop Stitch Embroidery

Ancient Egyptians used Embroidery on their garments to enhance the beauty of their robes and to show their personal wealth and status within society. So did other cultures such as the Babylonians and Phoenicians.

In the 1700s, the „Tambour Frame“ (precursor to the modern day hoop) was used for stitching. While these frames serve the purpose to hold the fabric taut to allow delicate stitching, over time the frames were re-designed into traditional „Embroidery Hoops“, mainly made of metal, bone, ivory, wood or plastic.

I am absolutely in love with this kind of work that I tend to approach during winter months because they give me a break from tiresome work in the Studio with no light while thinking of new creations and simply taking a break in my Rocking chair.

I have created an array of templates for these works ranging from hoop sizes of 6,5 cm to 16,5 cm using high qualitiy fabric, floss and pearls or stones. I am particularly excited for these works to come into makings to highlight my inheritage of a family that has a long history regarding Seamstress Works.