About the Artist

I was born the 500th inhabitant of a small village in the Austrian Alps. After graduation, I was accepted to numerous art academies and pursued my path studying in Vienna and London/England, obtaining my degrees and curating several exhibitions.

Having nature at my doorstep as a child nurtured my creativity. I remember building thistles out of wood, walking through blooming fields, collecting bouquets, gazing at snow crystals under full moon and keeping bird and plant diaries.

I always felt the urge of trying to express myself or rather, document and freeze-frame moments in time. Whereas it was always clear to me, portraying people fascinated me, it took me a lot longer to find my path as an artist altogether because there were many fields of creativity I was interested in and that I struggled with molding together. My grandmother used to work as a seamstress passing her skill on to my mother who taught me. My father was interested in literature and it fascinated me to learn about biology, history, mythology and astronomy which later became part of my passion for wax sealing and languages.
Music plays an integral role in my creative process. I compose and play the Piano but while other areas of art have always been more tangible, music has remained a very private matter underpinning and accompanying my works through plotting and planning stages.

To me, Art is both: Recollection of a Journey and a Journal. Art is my Soliloquy and Power.

I decided to work on Seasonal Projects throughout the year to allow myself works of other interest in between. I mainly work with acrylics, water colours and guilding techniques. My themes are deeply rooted in nature, myth and the Other.

For queries about my work please don’t hesitate to contact me via queries@lilith-finearts.com or via contact form.