Special Thanks

Wolfgang Profer

To even try and describe your personality is abolutely impossible. You are that one person most people are seeking for to spend the rest of their life with. I always used to describe you as a painting by Jackson Pollock. Just when you thought you figured it out, there is so much more to discover and see. Over almost three decades, you were always there; Loyal to the End of all days. What a privilege our paths crossed. You saved my life, not just literally but also otherwise. And there are so many ways you inspired me, kept me going and showed me the beauty of Life. We share so many precious memories and I am forever grateful for the Beauty of You!

Mag. Ingeborg Pichler

I am pretty aware what a difficult student I must have been at school studying what you were trying to teach. Now, being a teacher myself, I understood the value and importance and how priceless it was to have had someone not only helping me to shape my future and to further my interests but also to believe in my talents. I am what I am because you never gave up on me and it is such an honour to still call you my mentor, close friend; Someone I can trust and love dearly.

Aleksandra Jaramaz, BA
Dir. NMS Garsten/Upper Austria

Woman power is what you are oozing right from the core. What an incredible woman I was lucky enough to encounter, meet and make friends with! Thank you for everything you ever taught me, especially the skill to never give up no matter what! I am in awe of your obvious superpowers and incredible skill to inspire and lighten up others! What a Headmistress to have leading a school!

Hermann Ritzberger

Smart, incredibly funny, trustworthy, kind and a true gentleman! When we first met in a gym, you thought I was the most stuck up person on earth and I thought you were a weirdo even trying  getting me to make small talk! Ten years later our friendship is stronger than ever and you are that one person that ALWAYS told and keeps telling me to believe in my talent as an artist. Love ya to pieces, Hermann!  

Jasenko Jason Mudri, BA, MA

You are probably one of my most fascinating friends with relatives reaching from Dracula-country to the South of Africa. Your humor is spot on and you are not only witty but also smart and such a gem of a friend I can always count on. Your stories of the past always make me believe I didn’t have a life at all compared to your adventures. What an inspiration! What a dictionary to have at hand! Love only!

Mag. Sylvia Zannantonio

For bringing to life all of my thoughts and ideas with the knowledge of a wizard and apparent skilled expertise!

Dr. Manuel Mußhauser

For keeping your hypochondric big sister sane by making her laugh with your wicked sense of humor. I love you.

Emanuel Mayr, MA
Fine Art Photography

Working with such an incredibly talented artist was an honor and an experience I’d never want to miss since it made me realize there is so much beauty in all of us, including myself. You are a very kind, humble and beautiful human being with a well deserved career ahead!

Dipl.-Visagistin Evelyn Eggerstorfer
Make-Up Artist

For empowering everything you touch! Your hands and knowledge are pure magic.

Fam. Ragl
(Maria, Sebastian, Magdalena, Lukas)

Thank you for always making me feel welcome and at home in your world; A lot of my creations and work was inspired by your beautiful home. I have never come across a family that holds values, kindness, morals and education to such a high degree. You mean the world to me.

Dr. phil. Eleonora Bliem-Scolari
Art Historian

It is a blessing to always be able to rely on your professionalism, expertise and trust. Thank you for always speaking the truth, backing me up and broadening my mind.

Dr. Tina Bräutigam

Someone very special once waived the question as to where my life was heading by asking me whether or not I actually enjoyed the ride. I was going to write that this website would not have come to life without you and your  patience, encouragement and belief in my abilities. But the truth is that you enabled me to re-discover passion, joy and capabilities I never knew I carried within; while dropping heavy baggage and choosing paths I never thought I could. Thank you for your time, empathy and for always walking the extra mile with me.